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Collection of compromising material

Collection of compromising material Collection of compromising material

How to gather information on a person


“Kompromat” is a word that has come to us through the Russian language meaning “compromising material.” The practice of collecting compromising evidence has been a mainstay of intelligence agencies and police task forces for nearly a century. At Legion we offer a service where we collect information about someone’s personal life. With our expertise, the information gathered can be used to help you out of a number of problems you may have. This service can be key to conflict resolution and successful negotiation in any sphere. If you have access to damaging information about someone it will put you in the driver’s seat at any negotiation table.


Kompromat can be collected for an upcoming trial. For example: you are trying to deprive your Russian spouse of parental rights through a Russian court. To do this, you need to prove to the court that she is an unsuitable mother — a woman leading an immoral lifestyle. We will gather compromising evidence that will make the court take your side.


Another example of the effectiveness of compromising material: you are dividing businesses or real estate in Russia, or trying to get your money back. We will find your enemy’s weak spot — illegal financial activities, connection with crime, etc. We will gather damaging information about this person related to the weakness we have identified, then this collected material will force your opponent to accept your conditions. The arguments and means we provide you with will in turn bring you results, and much faster than normally possible.


Any dark spot in your opponent’s biography may be compromising. People carefully hide certain facts, especially if they are businessmen and/or public figures. In some cases compromising material can be created via provocation. People can be pushed by circumstance into certain rash decisions or immoral acts. Such methods are widely used by intelligence agencies, politicians and businessmen today.


Here is a list of our services:
• Collection of compromising evidence on private persons;
• collecting compromising evidence on legal entities — companies, firms;
• collecting compromising evidence for an upcoming trial;
• creating compromising material via provocation
• placing compromising materials in the media or on the Internet (at your request)


Compromising material can be collected on any legal entity, company, firm, or corporation. Every organization has skeletons in the closet which can cause irreparable damage to its reputation. The disclosure of compromising facts may result in legal consequences for the company, and even criminal cases being brought against them.


You do not have to worry about your privacy. Your opponent will never know that it was you who collected dirt on him. All materials are handed to you personally in whichever way you prefer. If and how the material is disclosed- through the media, Internet, or by sending them by mail to your enemy- that is up to you. We tell you what we can do and you decide where to go with it. All this is discussed separately in advance. We would like to stress the fact that we act strictly within the framework of the legislation in this country- we do not slander, and we do not spread rumors.

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