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Checking up on your children

Checking up on your children Checking up on your children
Bad company and how to keep your children away from it

It’s often said that you are the company that you keep. The modern world is full of dangers and temptations. This is especially true concerning the young minds of our children: bad and criminal associations, alcohol, illegal drugs, sexual deviations, fan communities, online games, sects and cults – these are just some of the perils that teenagers are not always able to avoid on their own. As a parent all of this can seem daunting. At Legion we can help. If you think that your child is at risk because he or she is keeping bad company, we can track your child’s location, check up on your child’s lifestyle, and help save them from the bad company they have around them.

Your child has bad friends or keeps bad company
We’ll help you to identify a trap your child has fallen into, or the threat a particular association or group presents to your child’s life, safety, or well-being. If your child is keeping bad company, with your cooperation we’ll develop a strategy and implement a plan of action to address the problem. In the modern world, with all of its pitfalls, it is very important to check up on your child’s lifestyle.


Tracking your child’s location
If you are unsure about the company your child keeps, or the whereabouts or doings of your child, with our help you can track your child’s location and find out for sure what is going on. Even if there is not much reason to be suspicious, tracking your child’s location will help put you at ease as a parent, and give you some peace of mind.

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