Information war

Information war Information war

This is one of the most powerful and useful services we offer. For this service we put the full capacity of our team to work on your behalf to wage a media war. If you come to us with a target you can order a report about this person, which will in turn lead to extremely unpleasant consequences for him — dismissal from his job, criminal investigation, divorce. Public opinion is a terrible weapon. It’s no accident that it is scrutinized so closely by the greats of this world. Today, the most resonant are reports on drunken road accidents, elite youth tricks, and rape. Exposure in the media can spoil the reputation of a person, put an end to an investigation or drastically change a course of events.
The reason for ordering a report can be revenge, practical interests or an attempt to resolve a family dispute. We know how to attract media attention to your problem. However, we do not work with slander or libel. We do not need to. We specialize in finding information about people, even when there ostensibly is none. Everything we bring to light may well become the property of the general public and will not violate the law. It is possible to spoil the reputation of a person on legitimate grounds. After all, nothing hurts like the truth.


Tools from our arsenal:


• getting the media involved;
• Collecting compromising material for subsequent transmission to the media;
• Creation of a journalistic investigation «on a turn-key basis» with publication in the media and via Internet resources;
• protection in the case of an information attack on you (countermeasures, attacks on your reputation)


Information war on a local scale.

Through our connections with the media you can draw attention to not just your conflict, but to your opponent himself. The most convincing way of presenting any information is by using a person as a frame of reference. What is most important in the portrait of a man? Moral appearance. It is possible to reveal a person as he truly is for all the world to see.
Nothing so vividly characterizes a person as his actions in certain circumstances. In journalism there is a technique called «provocation». You can always simulate a situation wherein a person is pressured into revealing his true colors. And, perhaps, there is no need to search for any compromising material. Here he gets drunk at the wheel, here he takes a bribe willingly, here he insults a woman. Some people have accumulated so much… negativity that, it seems, a single spark is all that’s required to set the whole thing ablaze.



“Squeaky clean” people do not exist. They seem to appear here and there in life, but the truth about these people is that they are the same as everyone else, you just do not have enough information. It’s true. Everyone has skeletons in the closet. Especially if the person in question is not a simple person. The detective just has to find the right detail, and the journalist, like a jeweler, makes a work of art out of it.

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