Escaping from a cult

How to get someone out of a religious cult


People sometimes come to us and say, “my child has joined a cult, what can I do?” If you want to help someone get out of a cult, Legion can help you. Our specialists are trained in helping people get out of cults and bad associations. If your daughter, your wife, your son, or anyone close to you is in a cult, we can help you help them. We know how to get someone who has fallen into a cult or bad environment back to their loved ones quickly and forever. The process of escaping from a cult must be handled delicately and competently. With us the removal is done in a way that doesn’t hurt the psyche and puts the victim in the best possible situation to get back on his feet. We can form a series of seemingly random circumstances that will alienate a person from questionable religious or social associations. At the same time, we try to occupy his head with something else — family, work, sports. Those who leave cults need constant attention and support, they need to find friends again, and even to acquire a new meaning of life.


It’s not always possible to get out of a cult independently, and its becoming increasingly dangerous to try to do so on your own. The active dissemination of various pseudo-religions today all over the world is an increasing danger. People abandon families, renounce friends and, even more alarmingly, involve relatives in these same dubious organizations. Often, those who fall victims to cults give their apartments to their mentors or organizations or commit suicide. Usually people do not stay in cults for their entire lives. People remain, or are allowed to remain, for exactly as long as they are useful (physically or monetarily) to the cult. Then these unfortunate people are thrown out onto the street, completely devastated physically, morally and financially.


Our team has a great deal of experience in this delicate field. We know how to help someone get out of a cult, and we know the dangers people face in escaping from a cult. We will protect you and the victim against any threats or violence, and provide psychological and legal assistance to you at all stages of this process. If someone you love is being kept in a cult by force, we will find him and bring him back home.

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