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Protection from noisy neighbors

How to deal with noisy neighbors


People who are frustrated by the police’s lack of action sometimes come to us and ask us what to do with noisy neighbors. If your noisy neighbors are interfering with your sleep, call us. We will teach them to be polite. The noise behind the wall will abate forever, if we take the right measures in time. In some cases all we have to do is talk with them, in others we have to do a bit of convincing. If a situation cannot be resolved reasonably it is possible to evict neighbors for constant noise. If a neighbor threatens you or uses his/her fists, we can help you bring criminal charges against them. Do not be afraid, with our help any harassment you suffer will be put to an end, and quickly.


When you are constantly being disturbed by your neighbors due to constant noise, loud voices, cries, threats or unrestrained nocturnal merriment crossing all boundaries… When a brothel, illegal factory or brigade of illegal migrants is operating right next to you, and the police do nothing, you need a real solution. Stop living in endless fear and stress, return normalcy to your life, and get back at your neighbors for loud music and constant noise.


Contact us, and the long-awaited peace and quiet you’ve sought will come back to you.


We successfully resolve issues like the following:


• Neighboring apartment inhabited by labor migrants;
• Neighboring apartments with brothels, gambling establishments, magical salons, call centers, porn studios;
• Neighbors are representatives of criminals, criminals, intruders;
• Neighbors sell and use of narcotic and psychotropic substances;
• Neighboring apartments are being used as night clubs, catering establishments, shops;
• Neighbors are mentally ill, aggressive, unbalanced persons;
• Neighboring apartments violate sanitary norms, as well as rules for keeping animals, birds and rodents.


Our company guarantees its customers complete anonymity and confidentiality. You have no need to fear revenge or aggression from restless neighbors or their influential patrons. If you have suffered at the hands of your neighbors and want to punish them for their loud music we can work with you to create and implement a plan of action. Fighting and defending peace and quiet in your own home is your legal right, but it’s best to entrust it to professionals.

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