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Defending a reputation (against defamation)

Defending a reputation (against defamation) Defending a reputation (against defamation)

How to defend your reputation and what to do if someone slanders you
People often come to us and say, “my friend, or my boss slandered me. What can I do?” If someone wants to ruin your reputation, you have to figure out what to do and take action quickly. If you are looking to figure out how to defend your reputation, you have come to the right place.


At Legion we offer a reputation protection service. If you are wondering how to sue someone for slander we can walk you through the process, and with our experts prepare your case so you have the best shot in court. But we can offer more than just legal assistance. We can protect you and your reputation if they write nasty things on the Internet or spread rumors about you at work behind your back. A bad reputation can result in loss of employment, separation from loved ones, and disturbances of peace and wellbeing. For politicians, businessmen and officials a murky reputation can put an end to what was a successful career. In all cases defamation causes distress and pain. But it doesn’t have to end that way. With our help you can turn the tables and get revenge on someone for slander.


It can be a part of well-planned black PR, a revenge plot, or intrigues of competitors or opponents. The Internet is often used a means for distributing false information. Damaging information can be spread in no time, and it’s extremely difficult to identify its source. However, it helps to remember that defamation is a crime and the perpetrator can be held accountable for it. We’ll find the source of the damaging information, legally establish that it is in fact defamation and help you to restore your reputation.


If you are looking for a way to defend your reputation or are seeking a reputation protection service you won’t go wrong if you come to Legion.

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