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Protection against racketeers, gangsters and debt collectors

Businessmen sometimes come to us and say, “someone is extorting money from me, how can I make it stop?” If you’re being extorted for money, threatened by debt collectors, or forced to pay protection fees to any kind of criminal association, we can help you put an end to it. We will cut all of your present ties with racketeers and scare them aware from ever seeking you out again in the future. No matter who demands money from you – you have to understand that they are criminals, and you shouldn’t negotiate with them. Racketeers usually threaten helpless people, who have no one to defend them. If racketeers are extorting money from you with threats, we can help you put an end to it.

We’ll be your reliable support, and your offenders will be made to understand that. Today debt collectors and gangsters can be considered to be one and the same as they often use the same methods and operate outside the law. When debt collectors threaten court action for not paying them it is the same as any other criminal extorting money.

Today racketeering is still common, especially when criminal organizations levy tribute on local shopkeepers. We’ll protect you against any illegal actions of debt collectors, and save you from racketeers and gangsters. Our operatives can ensure your personal safety, take your apartment or office under our protection, and provide you with legal support. Your security is our priority. If debt collectors are threatening you it is time to get rid of them for good.

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