Tracing assets

What to do when someone is hiding his property


Sometimes people lose property that is not strictly their own. There are situations in which a debtor or a spouse will conceal certain assets or information about their assets. This also takes place in the corporate world. A company will often intentionally conceal their property if it works to their advantage to do so. If you are involved in a situation where an individual or a company is concealing things from you, you need to understand that your welfare is at stake, and you are losing money that belongs to you. In these cases, police involvement doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find your debtor’s property or get your property back.

Our involvement in such matters is not restricted to mere cut-and-dry criminal cases. If you are looking to find someone’s property, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll find a debtor’s property, bring the property back to its rightful owner, convince a debtor to disclose the truth about his finances, and/or prevent any shrewd relatives the opportunity of concealing their wealth. All our measures are absolutely legal. If you need help tracking property down we can help.

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