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Tracking stolen vehicles

Tracking stolen vehicles Tracking stolen vehicles

What to do when a car is stolen
If you are trying to find a stolen car first you have to figure out why it was stolen. Carjackers aren’t the only people who steal cars. People close to you can do it, hoping to hide in plain sight. It could be a family matter, an attempt at revenge, a method of inflicting pain upon you, or a way for someone to collect a debt they believe is owed them. We’ve seen cases where business partners and even close friends steal vehicles — out of envy, or just for the thrill of it. Every automobile theft has its own particular circumstances and details. We have been asked to find stolen cars for years. We know how to read these details and piece together a picture of what actually happened.


Our detectives will help you find a stolen car and figure out who is responsible. We have a lot of experience conducting investigations into car theft and related crimes, and we can help you get back what is yours. We can also help you deal with the aftermath of any carjacking when it concerns business associates or other people close to you. With us there are always options.

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