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Tracking company assets (foreign jurisdiction)

How to track a company’s accounts in foreign banks


Transferring money overseas into foreign bank accounts, offshore companies, or foreign investments are classic schemes used to avoid debt liabilities and repercussions related to fraudulent activities. Today, when most Western countries have stopped cooperating with Russia in terms of tracking companies’ accounts in foreign banks, money is flowing abroad much heavier than ever before. Economic crimes are riding the crest of a wave, while honest business is sinking underneath. And the government offers little to no assistance in these matters, leaving claimants and victims with little realistic recourse.

That’s where we come in. If you are looking to track a company’s accounts in foreign banks, we can help you. We can track a company’s offshore property, track all of a company’s offshore financial activities, and find out exactly where a company is hiding their bank accounts. We’ll find out where your money is, and locate its accurate legal coordinates: be it bank, company, or fund. Our operatives will go abroad to represent your interests in there. We’ll establish and prove the direct connection of the debtor with the organization that owes you assets, and we will return to you what is properly yours.

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