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About us (Legal Protection of Your Rights in Russia)

Legion Detective Agency
Legion Detective Agency was founded in 2010. With offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, today we are widely recognized as the largest detective agency operating in Russia. Our team consists of elite specialists and veterans of top detective and intelligence agencies both in Russia and abroad. We have the most advanced equipment in the industry and know how to analyze information to get what our clients need. We are multilingual and multinational and are thereby not constricted by linguistic, cultural, or geographical boundaries. If you are looking to hire a detective in Russia, you have come to the right place.

Our reputation
As the largest detective agency operating in Russia, our sustained success speaks to our reputation among our clients. We serve an extensive list of international clientele because they value our confidentiality and transparency, and they rely on our results.

What services do we offer?
When people come to us for help we tailor services to fit their needs, but generally speaking we often provide services in the following areas:
  • Parental rights protection and custody battles
  • Legal protection and ‘bridging’ services with the Police department
  • Litigation support in Russia (in regards to debt collection in particular)
  • Investment protection for foreigners in Russia
  • Personal and relationship troubleshooting using customized and infiltration tactics
  • Specific situations requiring a middleman or specialized assistance between our clients and the Police Department.

Why ‘Legion’?
The legion was the bedrock of the military might of the Roman Empire. To this day, many of the rights we enjoy and the structures that underpin our business and personal lives date back to ideas and forms that first appeared in Ancient Rome and were protected by her legions. Likewise today, Legion protects the rights and interests of our clients from the challenges and unique complications that arise in modern life. Armed with the finest weapons available and trained to be as effective as possible, our elite specialists fight on your behalf whenever and wherever you need them. Although we are based in Russia and offer unparalleled private investigation services in Russia, we are an international company and we work all over the world.

Who do we serve?
In the process building a solid reputation and a large list of clients in Russia we took on cases put forward to us by foreigners, looking for assistance with challenges they faced in Russia and the former Soviet Union. This work enabled us to expand our team and our range of specialities, and now we offer creative solutions to clients all over the world.

The people we serve come to us because they know what we bring to the table:

1. Elite intelligence gathering skills

The capabilities of detective and intelligence agencies are defined by how effectively they can gather and analyze information. The bedrock of our team is made up of veterans from elite European and Russian agencies. We are not constrained by cultural, geographical, or technical boundaries.

2. The Legion approach

When hiring a private investigator you have to consider ability and accountability. As the largest private detective agency based in Russia, Legion has a proven track record of providing clients with unique solutions to modern dilemmas. We offer our clients a creative approach to problem solving and results they can rely on.

3. Cyber capabilities

As more and more business and personal affairs become inextricably linked with online activity, people looking for solutions stand to lose or gain much ground depending on their cyber capabilities. At Legion we are familiar with all corners of online life. We have access to exclusive internet databases and have eyes and ears always gathering information on the deep web.

4. International presence

Legion is a multilingual and multinational agency. We are based in Russia but operate internationally with clients and agents in Europe, America, the former Soviet Union, and Asia. We know the ins and outs of various cultures and countries and have a staff ready to assist you and customize our skills to your needs.

What are our rates?
Like our solutions, our rates depend on the case at hand. When you come to Legion you are getting the best service available and our costs reflect that. Delicate family cases may take years to resolve. After you consult with us the strategy becomes clearer and the necessary actions take shape. After a preparational period we start our “troubleshooting” program and we convert what needs to be done to prices.

Why trust us?
At Legion we have retained the same core principles that brought us success in the first place:
  • Complete transparency - there is nothing more important in this business than trust. We serve an expansive list of international clientele because they know that when they work with us they’re getting the best and nothing is being hidden from them
  • Love for the work - at Legion we live and breathe detective work. Our specialists are so effective because this business is their everything. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we do and our allegiance is to our clients.
  • Confidentiality - we protect our clients and their information at all costs. What you share with us stays between us. And when we work for you, we only work for you.
  • Elite capabilities - when you hire us you are hiring the best. We have the most advanced skills, resources, and tools in the business.

Why not the police department?
When it comes to matters within the Russian federation and the former Soviet Union, to ensure the protection of your rights and to understand the complex Russian legal system and the actions available to you, “bridging” between Russian police and foreign citizens is a must. Otherwise your success will be dependant upon the bureaucracy machine and how fast it can rotate on a particular day, or upon an inspector’s mood... and here there is a risk of further victimization for you.

In many cases it’s better not to address the police department directly as it may end up doing you more harm than good. Even in relatively simple matters it is better to work with people you can trust. With Legion you know you are in good hands.