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About us (Legal Protection of Your Rights in Russia)

Legion Detective Agency
Legion Detective Agency was founded in 2010. With offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, today we are widely recognized as the largest detective agency operating in Russia. Our team consists of elite specialists and veterans of top detective and intelligence agencies both in Russia and abroad. We have the most advanced equipment in the industry and know how to analyze information to get what our clients need. We are multilingual and multinational and are thereby not constricted by linguistic, cultural, or geographical boundaries. If you are looking to hire a detective in Russia, you have come to the right place.

Our reputation
As the largest detective agency operating in Russia, our sustained success speaks to our reputation among our clients. We serve an extensive list of international clientele because they value our confidentiality and transparency, and they rely on our results.

What services do we offer?
Our main goal is: The customer should not feel himself abandoned in the different environment.
  • Custody battles. We are ready to struggle for client’s interests; parents often are citizens of different countries. If one of parents is tied to Russia – it is our case. Legion has big experience in such wars.
  • Pre-marital investigations. According to our experience this is a significant segment of our work with foreigners. We all know how often foreigners become victims of international scams.
  • Collection of information. It may include collection of personal data massive as well as compiling a dossier on a company. Reasons may be very different.
  • Business security. We are ready to cover business interest of our client regarding security issues. We do pre-employment job such as background checks or looking for company’s founders or bank accounts or assist with activity related to business competition.
  • Looking for family history. We realize that people abroad may have roots or inheritance in Russia or CIS countries. Legion will help to trace assets and provide legal support in probate cases.
  • Surveillance and other most common things. We are ready to conduct most common private detective’s activity. Computer communications, social network or telephone owner determination.

And all mentioned above is just a small squeeze. In fact, Legion is ready to represent one’s

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