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Staffing policy

Legion Detective Agency provides itself on providing the finest detective services in Russia. We take a serious approach to the recruitment process. Our success is based on the talent and commitment of our employees, who dedicate all their time and efforts to ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients. This is the reason why our agency is one of the most eminent detective agencies in Russia. We are proud of the fact that we rely upon the services of the best investigators and pay them more than any other agency for their work.
Recruitment procedure
It’s not easy to become an investigator at Legion Detective Agency. All candidates undergo a thorough selection process. In addition to professional ability, we also check the psychological stability of the candidate and his adequacy; his entire background is analysed for compromising information. The candidate is also tested on a polygraph. It is extremely important for us that our investigators abstain from the counterproductive habits so commonly found among law enforcement officers: an overly formal approach, mendacity, laziness, bureaucracy, and so on. Our employees must reflect our commitment to the way we believe investigation should be done: with responsibility, thoughtfulness, empathy, and sober-mindedness. Because of the nature of this work, our investigators have to be able to persevere through trying circumstances and must possess reasonable initiative. We understand the value of nontraditional and untried approaches to tangled problems, and our investigators must be able to make quick decisions and bear the responsibility of their actions. Russia is a complex country, and doing detective work in Russia requires certain skills and capabilities that are not commonly found among regular people. Starting out as we did in Russia pro

All candidates for the position of Investigator should have at least one degree in higher education, 5 (five) years of service in a position related to investigation, an impeccable reputation in their field, and a good track record with their former colleagues.

Interviewing procedures
The recruitment process starts with a telephone interview, during which the candidate describes his employment history and qualification level. If the candidate passes the telephone interview, the date and time of a personal meeting with one of the agency’s managers is appointed. During the interview the candidate can give a detailed description of his background, specify his key skills, and answer follow-up questions. In the case of a successful interview, the agency manager will screen the candidate, administer a polygraph test, and provide him with an opportunity to perform a test assignment, in order to confirm his professional skills.

Test assignment
After a successful interview the candidate must perform a test assignment, so the manager can have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of their work and ensure that their professional capabilities correspond to our strict standards. We don’t pay the candidate for the test assignment but we do compensate for operating costs.

Trial period
After the successful completion of the test assignment the candidate is enrolled in the department of freelance officers and is admitted to investigative work. He gets access to the administrative and information resources of the agency, and has the opportunity to use its material and technical base for the performance of his assignments. However, freelance work has a number of significant limitations: an employee does not have the authority to conduct his own investigations, he is not involved in office hours, and he does not have direct access to customers. Freelance employees work under the supervision of the agency’s managers or of one of the key officers.

Key staff
Following a successful completion of the trial period, the agency management makes a decision whether or not to invite the investigator to work as part of the key staff. If invited, he gets his own workplace in the agency’s office, the right to conduct independent investigations, and the ability to personally communicate with customers. Each full-time investigator is allocated a specific area of work, which he then must supervise. He can then set objectives for freelance officers and civil employees, use agents as he sees fit in his work, and also assign tasks to the IT department of the agency. A full-time employee is entitled to participate in meetings and develop action plans for the investigations assigned to him.

Continuous improvement
But that’s not the end of the story. When an investigator joins the team, his work is under the constant supervision of our management. The investigators get regular feedback, in order to improve the quality of their work and performance.

Staff selection criteria
We only employ those candidates to whom the word “investigator” means not merely a profession but also a vocation; those who can’t imagine themselves doing other work, those who truly enjoy it. We can recognize a true investigator at a glance – by the light in his eyes, by his mind-set, by his grip. You can’t confuse an investigator with anyone else, for him the investigation is more than just work, it’s his lifestyle, his destiny. He lives with investigation, he breathes it in, and he is happy only when he can do the job he loves. It’s no use coming to us hoping that you can continue sitting around, taking it easy, pulling the wool over your manager’s eyes, doing unnecessary paperwork and taking bribes. We recognize chairwarmers at once. Don’t waste or time - or your own for that matter. We work with those who are truly happy, who can commit themselves to their favourite business. We don’t have tons of unnecessary scribbling and bureaucracy, our cars and our printers are never broken, people don’t wait on us for months for answers to simple inquiries, we have no ignorant managers who pride themselves on the humiliation of others, etc. We have the right to select applicants, and we use this opportunity widely and with great pleasure. When you apply for services at the Legion Detective Agency, you can rest assured that your case will be studied by the best of all available specialists.

And that’s not all
We make every effort to keep and maintain good relationships with all our employees, relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Many of them have been working with us since 2010, when the agency was first established. We are proud of the fact that jobs at Legion Detective Agency are prestigious and that we are widely regarded as providing some of the finest intelligence and detective services in Russia and abroad. We work hard to maintain our reputation every day.