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Agency’s director consultation

Situation No 1 Non-standard situation You have a non-standard situation, you don’t know what to do, where to go and whether your problem can be solved at all. How can the consultation help you? You’ll get an independent opinion of an experienced person, who focuses on solving difficult and seemingly “unsolvable” tasks. He’ll give you a clear and informed answer, whether such task can be solved. If necessary, an individual action plan will be developed for the situation on hand.   Situation No 2. Family conflicts If you want to keep your child after the divorce, need assistance in interpersonal family conflicts or situations; or if you have doubts regarding your paternity, need help in the disputes regarding inheritance or you want to check your child’s lifestyle. How can the consultation help you? You will get recommendations on how to find your child, if it’s unlawfully retained by the second parent, how to protect it against the demands of the second parent and attempts to kidnap it; you’ll get necessary information about the legal prospects of your case, about the tactics and strategy for follow-up steps. You’ll be given guidelines on how to provide personal safety and safety of your beloved ones, as well as guidelines on how to properly gather evidence for law enforcement and judicial authorities.