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Department of psychology, psychotherapy and psychodiagnostics


Department Manager
Education: Leningrad State University, with honours. Freelance Academic at the Military Medical Academy. Academic writer and expert in developmental, social, criminal and medical psychotherapy.

In which situations can Dmitry help you?

Family matters:
— successful resolution of family conflicts during divorce;
— assessment and correction of the psycho-emotional condition of a child who has suffered from psychological trauma;
— psychodiagnostic and psycho-corrective measures at the customer’s request;
— consultations and practical recommendations on how to restore trusting and close relations in the family.

Interpersonal and social issues:
— psychological support to victims of blackmailers;
— psychological support to people who deal with the pain of loss;
— psychological support for victims of crime;
— psychological support to people whom the operative department rescuing from cults, and to their families;
— psychological support to people suffering from addiction and their families;
— psychological support to crash victims.

Organizational issues:
— polygraph;
— composition of psychological profiles of employees;
— resolution of personnel conflicts in a company.

Expert evaluations:
— psychiatric examination;
— psychological and pedagogical expertise upon the customer’s request;
— relevant medical examination upon the customer’s request.