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Private police

The Private Police project is designed for those who need help but, for any number of reasons, cannot turn to the police. The Russian legal system is very complicated and hard to navigate. For foreigners and native Russians alike, dealing with the authorities can be daunting. Even if you are capable of enlisting the help of the police, it often happens that their efforts on your behalf are hampered by the bureaucratic structures in which they operate. We are capable of operating outside of this structure but also adhering to the law. Our “Private Police” are also not confined to our St. Petersburg and Moscow base cities, we can work on your behalf anywhere it is necessary. It is paramount to us that our customers get support and assistance at a level much higher than that which the government can offer.

Personal protection

Property protection

Protection against power abuse

Corporate investigations

Let’s compare the “private police” with the state law enforcement system. The advantages of our project can be evaluated by the level of services offered by us. Against this background, the existing legal platform loses on a number of factors. Regardless of where you are from, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation in which police officers either did not help you in a meaningful way, or actually hindered your ability to what you needed to do.

Disadvantages of state police