Free consultations

We offer free consultations with our detectives for simple, black and white questions regarding specific cases, and the pro-bono work we do. If this applies to you, our consultant will answer several clarifying questions, prepare a contract, and accept your order.

Why should I pay for consultation?

Because time costs money. And if you want the time of decent professionals then you have to pay a decent sum of money. And if you want the time of the best professionals you have to be willing to pay for the best. In this business there is no such thing as high-quality, free consultations. If a person spends his time on you and doesn’t charge for what he calls a “professional consultation”, this means one of the following:
- he’s a bad businessman;
- he’s not a professional;
- You are the product

The purpose of the consultation is not giving practical advice, but convincing you to use the paid services of his company.