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Our Pricing policy


When people contact us they often ask us right off the bat, “how much does it cost to hire a private detective?” At Legion we aren’t your typical private detective agency and we don’t really work like that. When working with clients, the first real step we take is the consultation, and from there we determine what comes next and what the price range will look like. Our consultations cost 100 US dollars (or equivalent) per hour. In some cases - like for the victims of pick-pocketing in Russia who do not have time to deal with bureaucracy - verbal consultation is offered free of charge.

Security is a Process not a Product
If you are trying to find out exactly how much it costs to hire a private detective in Russia or abroad, we cannot give you a black and white answer without first knowing information about your case. At Legion we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. There is a certain number of services for which we can offer fixed price contracts. You can appoint a cell phone number to a person or ask for a dossier from open sources, but any deeper investigation will involve more variables in converting your problem to cost. Even a simple dossier involves a number of things that can alter the pricing.

Here are a variety of factors that can affect the price of a contract:
  • location
  • case difficulty
  • amount of people and equipment involved
  • urgency of the order
  • presence of extra risks
  • personality of opposing parties

Problem-to-cost conversion
Problems are a natural and integral part of life, but some problems are greater than others and can wrest control of your life from you. It often happens that the wealthier you are, the harder problems you have, especially if you have neglected dealing with them for some time.
We convert these kind of problems into costs.
Every conversion is case specific and tailored to your needs and will provide you with a clearer outlook of the direction ahead of us.

It may seem odd at first, but the construction of the price-list is a paid service and there is no way to estimate the appropriate cost of a case without consultation, so unfortunately we cannot provide you with the price of your price-list before we consult with you.
What’s more: you may hear 'no' from us, as we thoroughly study each situation and decide if we have enough resources to proceed with your case.
It is, of course, in our interest to say 'yes’ in most cases.

The 2 ‘yes’ principle
If you pass our filter and we say yes to you 2 times, you are provided with a projected business plan replete with pricing and all possible actions available to you, which you can examine like the construction of a theoretical lego set. Just remember that every lego block in your construction has a corresponding action and a corresponding price here in the real world.
This detailed plan of action and budget that we give you will be based on a dossier we gather. And then, once you have all the information, it is your turn to manage the order, estimate the effectiveness, and determine to what extent you want us to act.

You form your contract
Thus, in actuality, you form your contract; you cancel or add courses of action and you decide what’s right for you. And the final cost will reflect your considerations and judgements. Changes are inherent in this line of work as again security is a process, not a product.

You decide when to stop
All decisions are left up to you. You can stop at any step in the process if you decide that your goal has changed or been reached.