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Our guarantees

When people come to us for the first time they often ask, “do private investigators really work?” and, “What do private investigators actually do?” We are all too familiar with how unreliable this business can be for regular people, and we can assure you that at Legion, yes, private investigators do really work. We have built an international company based on our unique methods and the results we obtain. From the start of our operation we have maintained principles that we continue to uphold, and that we guarantee for our clients:
  • Complete transparency - there is nothing more important in this business than trust. We serve an expansive list of international clientele because they know that when they work with us they’re getting the best and nothing is being hidden from them
  • Love for the work - at Legion we live and breathe detective work. Our specialists are so effective because this business is their everything. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we do and our allegiance is to our clients.
  • Confidentiality - we protect our clients and their information at all costs. What you share with us stays between us. And when we work for you, we only work for you.
  • Elite capabilities - when you hire us you are hiring the best. We have the most advanced skills, resources, and tools in the business.

Why you should trust us?
1) If you have chosen Legion detective agency, then the most important thing for you was not the price, but the other criteria – the quality, expertise, and reputation of the firm. We don’t conceal the fact that not everyone can afford our services. Many years ago, when we were just establishing the agency, we made a decision to emphasize quality as a necessity; otherwise we felt there would be no point in working at all. High-quality investigation is not cheap. If you have already applied to other detective agencies and met the inevitable frustration that comes with mediocrity, you know this is true. The cost of our services covers the work of the highest calibre detectives and their procedures which will be laid out in a comprehensive and transparent manner for the customer. We highly value the work of our specialists and keep them motivated with good salaries. That’s why our employees can dedicate themselves to their work and concentrate solely on their tasks, without wasting time on hackwork or hassle. No one has any incentive to pull rank. Many people dream of working for us, but only a few make the grade. The slightest doubt can close the door on an applicant’s career, and any misconduct or deception automatically releases the employee from his position. We have built our incentive system in such a way that our specialists invariably stay committed to their work, and in the process can perform their tasks with interest and carefully keep the client’s secrets.
2) People often come to us on recommendation, and our reputation is our highest priority. We are perfectly aware that a bad reputation would leave us without customers, and we always strive to provide service of the highest quality.

Feedback from our clients
We deliberately haven’t posted any “ready-made” reviews. Independent reviews that can’t be edited or modified can only be found from third-party resources, where their credibility is vouched for by moderators. You can read feedback from real people about our agency by searching for “reviews of Legion detective agency” in Yandex or Google. Our use your own phrase, just to be sure.
You’ll see over 300 reviews on 23 Russian independently moderated platforms.

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