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Find out who owns a phone number

Find out who owns a phone number Find out who owns a phone number

How can I find out who called me?

Has someone been calling you from an unfamiliar number? Or texting you threats from an unfamiliar number? We will help you find the name behind any phone number you bring to us. We can find out who owns a phone number for you regardless of where the caller is calling you from. We will give you information about any phone number connected to a mobile service operator both in Russia and abroad, whether they are calling you from France, the U.K., America, etc. If you are getting harassed we will get to the bottom of it, and quickly.


You don’t have to call back to find out who owns a phone number. All you have to do is to apply with a request to a detective agency. Phone ownership lookups are some of the most popular and fastest queries. The only difficulties we run into are in the rare cases in which a person has falsely registered his mobile number or sim card under another name. However, even in these cases there are measures we can take and we will most likely be able to find the true identity behind the number.


Our detectives will promptly help you find out the name of the subscriber, and collect all necessary information about him. You will receive at your disposal the full name, place of residence, and other information that the subscriber has provided . We guarantee to carry out the assignment qualitatively and within the agreed upon time.


If someone has been harassing you by calling you from an unfamiliar number or by sending threatening texts to you, don’t let them get away with it. It is within your power to turn the situation around. At Legion we are waiting to help you.

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