Dossier on a person

Dossier on a person Dossier on a person

How to find everything out about a person


If you are looking to find information on someone in Russia or anywhere else in the world we can a compile a dossier on a person for you. You’ll be able to find information about any person in whom you are interested. For example, regarding personal relationships, you can find out whether a woman is officially married and what has transpired in her past. Everything that a person does during her lifetime leaves its mark.

Places of education and employment, marital status, addresses and phone numbers, bank accounts, receipts of different documents, applications for credit, travels abroad, treatments in hospitals, business activities, problems with the law, friends and enemies, family ties, phone calls and messages, acquisition and sale of property, and much more. These things never disappear, and when you order a dossier on a person we put it all together for you so that you can see the true story of someone’s life in its naked details.

Once something goes on the internet it is there forever. Social media, dating websites, old and new accounts, completed questionnaires, CVs, website registrations: all can be found, and all help to bring pieces of the puzzle together.
Putting together a full dossier is the starting point of any important investigative contract. Theatre begins in the cloakroom, treatment of a patient – with tests, and a private detective’s work – compiling a dossier on a person. A properly collected profile provides a range of useful and relevant information, which builds a foundation for future work.


Keep in mind that when you order a dossier on a person the scope and difficulty of the task changes depending on the information requested and the target of the investigation. Therefore, in certain cases it may require a different level of resources which in turn can change the type of contract.

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