Custody battles

What to do when an ex won’t let you see your child


It’s not for nothing that this service includes “battle” in its name. This service is designed for parents whose children were taken to Russia by their former wives or husbands. Sometimes this is how marriages of Russian citizens with Europeans or Americans end. Unfortunately, the true reason for divorce is often unrelated to family quarrels and instead is the result of an underlying mercantile interest of one of the spouses. In these situations children can become a means for blackmail: a father or a mother won’t let you see your child without paying a price. Girls from poor regions of Russia often marry foreigners purposefully, give birth to their children, and then submit for divorce for the sake of alimony.


A wife can also secretly take a child to Russia, even without filing for divorce. This is not only unlawful, but also extremely cruel to the father of the child. Especially if the father is a foreigner, and the mother won’t let the father see his child. Russia is a huge country with a proportionate legal code that can be as confusing as it is large. It is always difficult for foreigners to look for their children in Russia and fight for their parental rights. A law-abiding father who just wants to see his child can be accused of kidnapping and placed under arrest. Even more than that, if I am a father and the mother of my children won’t let me see my child, it is an affront to who I am fundamentally as a person.


Sometimes Russian husbands take revenge on their ex-wives who have found family happiness abroad, and women are deprived of the opportunity to see children from their first marriage. In some cases Russian fathers flat out won’t let the mother see her child and, because of this, a woman experiences severe stress and can no longer give joy to her new partner.


Legion is the only detective agency in Russia whose employees are fluent in English. We specialize in complex family conflicts, and do everything from helping you when your ex won’t let you see your child to specialized child custody mediation with the best experts in the field. Our detectives will help find your child hidden in Russia, and protect your parental rights. We work legally, are straightforward with our clients, and we cooperate with police and law enforcement agencies all around the world.


Here is the list of our services related to locating and returning children:
• determining the location of children in Russian territory (for example: if a child has been hidden);
• organizing a meeting with your child if he or she is in Russia;
• organizing negotiations with the Russian parent of the child (child custody mediation);
• collecting arguments for successful negotiations with the child’s second parent;
• Collecting compromising material on the second parent of the child for an upcoming trial (if it is necessary to prove to the judge that the second parent is a dishonorable person);
• organizing the legal departure of a child from Russia to your country for a short meeting, a summer vacation, or permanent residence;
• legal protection of a foreign citizen in the territory of Russia in the context of a «Custody battle»
• other necessary services for a long-awaited meeting with your child


Such services will not be rendered to you by the Russian police! This is a peculiarity of the Russian legal system. If your ex takes your child illegally, and then your ex won’t let you see your child, regardless of the circumstances, the police won’t help. This is a huge problem that has not been resolved at the legislative level for many years. There is no clear legal framework that determines the order of communication between mothers and fathers. Even the court is not always able to put an end to these disputes.


We are ready to consult with you in our offices located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. If necessary, our specialist can visit you in your country. We can also chat with you by phone, Skype, or email. Communication is strictly confidential. Do not worry about your reputation or any legal consequences. Our detective agency works in strict accordance with Russian and international legislation.


The location of missing or hidden children and the resolution of family conflicts is a priority area of our detective work. Our agency staff consists of experienced detectives, including current members of Interpol, the best lawyers, experienced psychologists, interpreters, and bodyguards. Everyone is ready to aide in the completion your goal — to hold your dear child in your arms again. This moment is worth fighting for. We are your reliable ally in the battle for your children.

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