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Secret acquisition of DNA samples

Secret acquisition of DNA samples Secret acquisition of DNA samples

We are often asked by people, “is it possible to do a DNA test without the mother knowing?” Or, “can I do a DNA test without the father knowing?” DNA testing without consent may not be a pleasant course of action but it is often a necessary one. It is possible to do a DNA examination without a person’s knowledge, and it is possible to do a DNA test without a court ruling.


DNA tests, or paternity tests, are legally, ethically and morally justified. Each citizen has a right to know whether or not his child is actually his biological child. The administration of these tests is the most scientifically accurate way of determining paternity in cases in which there is doubt. Statistics show that over 20% of men raise somebody else’s children, without even suspecting it. If you are possibly raising someone else’s child without consent, why shouldn’t you be able to do a DNA test without consent?

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with a man adopting a child or marrying a woman with children. In this case he also accepts responsibility for raising somebody else’s child. That’s his CONSCIOUS choice. But every fifth household head in Russia has been meanly deceived.

Day after day, over a period of many years he spends much of his effort, time and money in raising a child, to whom he has no biological relation. Moreover, he leaves his heritage to a stranger. Instead of continuing his family name and bloodline, he helps another man do so at his own expense.

You’ve had enough doubts and suspicions. Stop living in a trap of illusions. Don’t let them lie to you. We know that it’s difficult, and sometimes even painful to make such a decision and check for paternity. After you learn the truth, you can decide on your own, what the next step in this process is. In cases like these many people find it is infinitely better to be safe than it is to be sorry. Knowing the truth is your lawful right. The right to trust, but verify.


We know of many cases where a wife refuses to allow a DNA test over fears that it will affect her child support. We are here to fight for your rights as well. It is often better to come to us before you go to the authorities or before you decide to attempt something on your own. If you feel, but are not sure, that you are being deceived, we can help you administer a DNA test without the mother knowing.


And if you are a mother and you have even a shred of a doubt as to who the father is of your child, we can help you. We can help you do a DNA test without the father or husband knowing about it. We understand how sensitive the subject is, and we will protect you and your interests.

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