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Protection against blackmail and how to deal with online blackmail

Protection against blackmail Protection against blackmail

More and more people come to us every year asking us for online blackmail help. Blackmail is a fairly common practice used to control or exploit people. In the modern world we have seen a proliferation of the means of blackmail that coincides with the proliferation of devices and information. In most cases of online blackmail intimate photos or videos are used as leverage against the victim. The blackmailer uses these intimate photos to extort money or favors. If you are the victim of any form of blackmail — be it online blackmail or otherwise — we can help you. We’ll quickly stop any form of blackmail – be it over intimate photos, videos, messages or any other compromising materials. We have proven means of protection against blackmail of any type and plenty of experience doing this kind of work. They’ll stop squeezing money or demanding sexual relations from you – and their greed or lust will disappear for a long time. In extremely difficult situations we can also collect compromising materials to counter your blackmailer.



The goal of any blackmail is some kind of profit, which the blackmailer strives to gain. Usually they use material they perceive as embarrassing or damaging. In online blackmail, blackmailers use intimate photos, videos, e-mails or documents, and threaten to ruin someone’s reputation. Out of fear of being humiliated in public, people agree to do anything. But the more concessions the victim makes, the more demanding the blackmailer becomes.



People are often subject to online blackmail after sharing compromising material with their tormentor at their own folly. However, it also happens that some perpetrators get access to compromising materials as a result of illegally acquiring personal information (by hacking an e-mail or social media account). It is not uncommon, that blackmailers are actually law enforcement officers abusing their power, who have gotten access to materials by virtue of their position, and used these materials for personal gain.



Our specialists have experience in counteracting both small “vulgar” blackmailing, and more serious situations, when compromising materials serve as an argument in a big political game, a business matter, or an illegal seizure. Contact us, in order to get rid of this long-standing nightmare, and to start living and breathing freely again.

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