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Protection against abuse of power by law enforcement officers

Protection against abuse of power Protection against abuse of power

If the police do not accept your statement, try to extort you for money or for bribes, or if they try to bring a case against you, please contact us. We’ll protect you from any abuse of power you could be confronted with. Unfortunately, we sometimes need protection from those who are supposed to ensure our safety. People from all walks of life and in all kinds of circumstances have to deal with a system that can be outright hostile to them at times.


Police Corruption
There are many factors that have added to the current state of affairs. Police corruption is prevalent and makes even the smallest interactions with police officers difficult. Simply put, if there’s no money involved police don’t care. If the police don’t care there is nothing you can do if they don’t accept your statement. But worse than the police not accepting your statement is if they threaten you. We deal with a lot of cases where police have threatened people. When people come to us and say, “the police threatened to arrest me, what should I do?” We draw up a plan of action for them, and start to extricate them from the situation one step at a time.


Abuse of power is a problem for people from all sections of society, not just criminals. Everytime an ordinary person is put in a situation that pits them against the authorities there is a potential for the authorities to abuse their office. It’s not easy to stand up for your own rights in such an unequal fight; you need something to level the playing field.

We’re ready to provide comprehensive protection against any illegal or inappropriate actions performed by public authorities, granted such actions truly take place. We have our own men in uniform that can protect you from the other men in uniform. You don’t have to face police corruption on your own.

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