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Protection against bugging

Protection against bugging Protection against bugging

People often come to us and say, “I feel like I am being listened in on, I feel like someone is spying on me. What can I do?” The modern, technology driven world is a hotbed of espionage. Whether it is a listening device connected to your smartphone or some kind of device placed in your apartment or office, you and your information are vulnerable. If you suspect that you are being listened in on, your fears are probably justified. Information security as not as advanced as it would seem.


But there are measures you can take to combat espionage. If you come to us we can provide you with anti-bugging protection. We will sweep and find any listening devices in your office or in your home. We will do a comprehensive check of any location for hidden surveillance devices. It is important to know that surveillance technology has reached a very advanced state. Without the help of specialists it’s likely that you will not be able to find devices that are being used to spy on you.


There is also the issue of remote monitoring of a mobile phone, wherein third parties can access your conversations and activities. We’ll be able to figure out whether or not any smartphone or iphone has a listening device connected to it, or is bugged in any other way. Our specialists will remove spying equipment and find out who is so interested in you and why.

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