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Tracking assets overseas

Tracking assets overseas Tracking assets overseas

What to do if a debtor is hiding property out of the country


Tracking assets overseas can become necessary after a dispute between former partners occurs or when foreign properties are entangled in court proceedings. Circumstances can vary: interested parties hide parts of an inheritance, debtors hide property to prevent it being taken as a lien, etc. If someone has taken something of yours and hidden it abroad, they have stolen from you. We can help you find the property owner and get back what is rightfully yours.


People come to us sometimes saying, “my ex is hiding property from me out of the country. What can I do about it?” If your ex wife or husband is hiding property out of the country we will track down the property and prove who it actually belongs to. If debtors are hiding property from you we can locate the property overseas and find the true owner of the property.
This kind of activity happens across the globe at various levels of sophistication. But even when it occurs in a blatantly criminal way, government authorities are reluctant to track down assets overseas as it requires a great deal of effort and manpower on their end. It’s not the same with us.
We have a lot of experience successfully locating property overseas. We know the correct channels, we’re in touch with the right people, and we know the right way to look for these things. What’s more, after we find what you are looking for, we can help you resolve disputes concerning real property, claim debts or give property back to its lawful owner.

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