Tracking IP-addresses

Tracking IP-addresses Tracking IP-addresses

Today businesses and individuals face threats from every angle imaginable. So much of a company’s success is dependent upon the safety of the company’s information and its online reputation. If someone writes bad things about your company on Facebook the consequences can be drastic. Competitors can use the democratic nature of social media to attack you anonymously and without consequences. If someone is posting bad things about you on Facebook, or someone is insulting you on social media you have to protect yourself. The first step in defending yourself is a proper identification of the threat you are facing. If you are under attack, or you business is suffering from negative attention on the internet, and you have wondered how to track IP addresses behind bad posts, we can help. We will track IP addresses that are targeting you or your business and reveal the true identity of your adversaries.


The threat you face online does not end with people writing insults on the internet though. Competitors and criminals can target you and your company to steal information and use it against you. As much of the activity in modern life moved online, so too did crime. Fraud, slander, copyright infringement, blackmail, extortion, hacking of social networks and email accounts are just a few of the crimes that are committed every day on the Internet. The scale of cybercrime is amazing, and one of the reasons for the rapid growth is the almost total impunity felt by intruders. Police departments and government task forces all over the world are not equipped to deal with the barrage of cyber crimes and the scale at which they occur. Here at Legion we employ cyber experts uniquely capable of identifying, preventing, and combating online crime. Identifying and tracking IP addresses are essential parts of this process. We will not only bring the identity of the attacker to light, but we will also help you bring them to account for their actions.

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