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Tracking missing people

If someone has gone missing and you are wondering what to do, it may be in everyone’s best interest to hire a private detective to find the person. Whether a someone disappeared yesterday or you’ve been trying to find a missing person for years, we will start our work immediately. Depending on the case we offer different approaches and solutions.


Someone just went missing
Say a person hasn’t come home by a certain time and you can’t reach him. Perhaps his phone is off and everything is okay. But there is a sinking feeling in your gut. You can’t help sensing that things are not in order or the circumstances are questionable and suspicious and the less time wasted the better. You don’t know anything about finding missing people or tracking someone’s location, so you turn to the police. But the police don’t want to start the investigation before the standard three day period is up. This is where we come in:
Our detectives have clear and proven methods of tracking missing people, and they’re ready to get into action right away.
Depending on the case, actions may include:
Involving / cooperating with the Police
Mobile search brigades
Volunteer organizations
Canine teams
Appeals through mass media and social networks
Obtaining the help of experts in related fields


We establish an emergency center to collect and process all the information we can gather. And within a short time the information starts to come in.


How to find a missing person in Russia
Traces and tracking
The modern communication techniques developed throughout the last couple of decades have done much to simplify the process of tracking people down. Every person leaves traces during his lifetime, many of which he is unaware of. And these are not only found online. The “key“ is to have keys to information and to be able to sort through the information well.


Security cameras, police operation sitreps (or police event databases), and base station cell site statistics are a few of the various primary sources of information.


The procedure for finding missing people is quite deeply involved with police work, but getting the police to work for you without being stonewalled by bureaucracy can be near impossible, even for Russian people. This is why it is necessary to hire a private detective to find someone: we can help you navigate effectively through unfamiliar waters and make sure your concerns, whatever they may be, are being addressed.


Umbrella, SORM and KTKS
The base station “umbrella” can give us information about the place where the missing person’s phone was switched off and what “numbers” were near it. This information can drastically narrow the searching circles. If the phone was switched on again with a different number, we can also track and analyse it. Then we can add other information gathered from cameras, human intelligence, and other measures that fall under the reach of KTKS, which stands for Communication Channel Control, and SORM, which stands for System for Operative and Investigative Activities. These measures are often key to tracking and finding missing people. If you cannot wait for the police to get started or are frustrated with their progress, you’ll find help at our agency.


No trace for a long time
This type of situation can be difficult to gauge if you haven’t been regularly keeping in touch with the missing person. Perhaps from time to time you recieve calls or emails from your grown up son or daughter, but one day you realize that months have passed and there’s been no word, and there is no ostensible way to reach them.
There are less reasons to suppose tragedy, and more reasons to assume a change of lifestyle, but still you can’t be sure that the missing person is out of danger. Here again your best bet is to hire a detective to find someone, as the police will not be able to adequately help you in this kind of situation.
Depending on the circumstances we can combine measures from the Just Gone Missing protocol, the protocol for Dossier Collection and in some cases (cult involvement, drugs etc.) we may offer a Troubleshooting Contract.

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