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Tracking down biological parents

How to find out who my mother or father is?
Many children have been raised in broken homes, either by step parents, foster parents or orphanages.

Many of them consider people who are not their biological parents to be their real parents. Children grow up, but their true origins remain sealed off from them.If you have grown up removed from your biological parents, we can help you find your real parents.
If you have any doubts, or you suspect you have been deceived, we can help you find out who your biological father or mother is.

It’s very important for people to know what their biological parents looked like, who they were, what they did and how fate separated them from their own children. We believe that everyone has the right to know the truth about oneself and one’s roots, if desired. Whatever the truth is, it’s better than white lies or ignorance. Every person has the right to see his or her father and mother in real life.

However, it can often be very difficult to find biological parents, on your own without help. These kind of affairs are delicate and can be painful, especially without help or the needed resources. With our help and guidance you can discreetly find out who your biological parents are, or the identity of your biological mother or father, and with that information do as you please.

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