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Finding your distant relatives

Finding your distant relatives Finding your distant relatives

How do I find my distant relatives? If you want to find your distant relatives, Legion has unique capabilities that will help you in your search. Our experienced detectives will help you find and connect with your distant or unknown relatives. With resources and both in Russia and abroad we help our clients locate relatives from any branch of their family trees. We will make any search of yours exponentially quicker and more fruitful. We have access to extensive archives of people, both civilian and military, that facilitate the location of relatives that may have died in combat or become political prisoners.


Find your relatives in Russia
If you want to find living and/or lost relatives in Russia, we can help you. When we search for people we look through archived information, interview related people and file requests to governmental authorities. Our cases are often difficult: we usually search for people having only limited information about them. In special cases we search using old photos. But if you are a foreigner trying to find your relatives in Russia, without the help of specialists you don’t have much of a shot at success.

If you are trying to find living relatives, our work may result in your meeting with the person for whom you’ve been searching for a long time, or with one of his relatives. We can act as a mediator at the meeting, and provide psychological support for you to feel more confident. We can also arrange an “accident” meeting with you and your relatives. We have extensive experience in restoring connections in foreign countries, even when the two parties don’t share a common language any more.

Our detectives speak fluent English, Russian, German and other languages.

The progress we make will be reported to you at each step, and our agreement will be structured in the way that you deem most useful. With our help you can re-connect the dots and rewrite your family history.

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