Tracking criminals

Tracking criminals Tracking criminals

Hire a private detective to look for a criminal


How can you track a criminal? By coming to us. We track down criminals to help investigating authorities or interested parties when the police cannot help. If it seems like the police are not looking for a criminal, or you are not making any progress, it may be in your best interest to turn to companies specializing in private investigation. Our investigators carry out their own private investigation, and the materials obtained from these investigations can be included in the criminal case files. Our detectives are experienced and know exactly how to track a criminal. We have solved many cases that ultimately resulted in court proceedings and legal penalties.

Our company inquires after and collects data concerning crime suspects who flee from investigation and prosecution both in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. When clients hire our agency to track down criminals, our operatives act both in cooperation with intelligence agencies (MVD, FBI, Interpol), and independently. Our detectives have experience in the tracking and detention of highly dangerous criminals who often have fake IDs and have taken enhanced conspiratorial measures. If you need help tracking a criminal in Russia or abroad we are the best option available.

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