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Tracking people from social media and dating websites

Tracking people from social media and dating websites Tracking people from social media and dating websites

Trying to figure out how to find someone’s social media account or profile? The specialists in the information department of of detective agency can help you.


We can find out who’s hiding behind a fake Facebook account.
We can verify a user’s identity, address and any other related information.
We can find a person on social media based on incomplete data, even if he or she registered with false information .


We can find the true identity behind fake accounts, as well as the identity of anyone who writes from a fake account. If you are being threatened or blackmailed or harassed by someone on the internet we can help you. We can find all the information about someone on the internet and share it with you. You can then use the information we provide you with at your own discretion.


If you are being threatened or harassed by someone online, and you don’t know who this person is, we can provide you with the real name behind the Facebook or Instagram or Twitter account, and all of the user’s relevant information.


Additionally, more and more people are being romantically deceived online as more opportunities to do so have arisen. If you suspect something is not right, statistically speaking, you are probably right. Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and other dating apps and websites provide easy avenues for people to commit infidelity. If you want to find your girlfriend’s account on dating apps or websites, and learn about her activity, we can help you. Likewise if you suspect that your husband or wife has a secret account on social media or a dating app, or you just want to check before you make a painful mistake, come to us and we will help you get to the bottom of it.

People often employ us to protect their online data and assets when there is suspicion that a hacker has breached their accounts or there is fear of this occurring in the future. We are capable of defending individuals and companies from a variety of online threats.

Here are some other common services we provide to our customers:


You met an interesting person online, but you suspect that she is not who she is pretending to be. We can gather all necessary information about her in a short amount of time.
Your new friend is very interesting, but you feel that something is not right. We can check if they are trying to scam you or deceive you in anyway.
If you suddenly lose contact with someone after they delete their account and they stop contacting you, we can help you figure out what happened and give you the ability to contact your friend again.
We can provide you with a psychological profile of your friends. One of our psychologists can contact whomever you wish via a fake account, and after a period of chatting and getting to know this person we can give you his professional opinion of this person’s character, strengths, and weaknesses. You will see this person from an entirely different perspective.
Does your friend communicate with weird and suspicious people on social media? Contact us, and we’ll find out whether you have a real cause for concern.
You’ve been deceived on the Internet and want revenge? You’ve come to the right people.


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