Information Warfare

Information Warfare Information Warfare

One of the most effective moves you can make in an information war is ordering a journalistic report on your opponent. Your opponent will have to face cameras everywhere and at all times. He will feel the pressure but it will be nothing compared to the result of the investigation, which will be a public revelation. In today’s world there is nothing more harmful than being exposed for wrongdoing in the public sphere. This can be done through all forms of media.


If you want to expose your opponent for who he is on the largest stage possible you can order a television report. We will gather information about your target and then leak it via our connections with various television and media outlets. You can take the war to social media. Show your opponent what it feels like to be a living meme for all the wrong reasons. Or maybe turn him into a target of ceaseless trolling. Your enemy will feel the weight of the force against him. There is no shelter from such a storm and the consequences are extremely destructive. A “bullet” methodically released in the mediasphere is a sniper shot to your opponent’s head. Once it picks up steam it takes on a life of its own.

Order a report on an opponent. No slander. Only real facts.


Crystal clean people do not exist, they have merely hidden what is untoward from the public eye. All you have to do is find what they are hiding. We do not engage in any kind of slander, distortion of facts or propagation of lies. For example, if a person takes bribes, we will collect concrete evidence of this and inform the public. If a person behaves unworthily, this will be exposed. From the legal and moral point of view our investigations are absolutely within the bounds.


How will we fight? Choose a strategy:


• Journalistic investigation. Documentary, video, story. It’s created on the basis of real compromising evidence (yours or ours). Work is carried out by current media professionals. Further coverage on TV is possible and/or publication on the Internet;

• Information noise. We pass compromising material along to the press. After that it’s left up to the editorial board on how to proceed;

• The Internet. Posting a video, or news on social networks. Promotion of this material in groups, via public posts, videohosting, etc. This service is specially crafted for the Internet audience;

• On all fronts. Journalistic investigation made to order. Publication and display in the media. Likewise attention on the Internet — social networks, YouTube, etc. Engaging other media, fueling interest in the issue.


The rules of Infowars


Information wars are an indelible aspect of modern life. Businessmen, politicians, even nation-states «bomb» each other in the media. Not much has changed since the Cold War. The only thing different is that now the battles are primarily fought on the virtual front. Now it is possible for news to travel at lightning speed on television, computers and smartphones. And now we are capable of not only targeting an enemy, but also of selecting the specific audience to whom we will expose them: we can do it exclusively for Moscow residents, young mothers, fans of fast food, etc.


Order black PR on an opponent


If you decide to order a report on an opponent it doesn’t have to be a one time thing. These types of movements are best handled as parts of a whole black PR campaign, wherein each strike corresponds to a strategy and is timed and executed to increase damage and attention. We are specialists in this field. If you want to order a black PR campaign against an opponent come to us. We won’t disappoint.


The success of an information war depends on the quality of kompromat.


“Kompromat” is a term that comes to us from Russian meaning compromising information. You cannot have a successful black PR campaign or media report on your opponent without decent kompromat. If you want to put kompromat in the media you have to be sure of your success. We always come up with the highest quality kompromat. Otherwise, we are all wasting our time. Society does not like allegations without proof. Give them videos, photos, scans of documentation, records of negotiations. All of this is “how”, but what about the “what”? The peculiarity of the Russian mentality is that immorality, at times, is perceived as resourcefulness. Do you remember the drunken candidate dashingly dancing in front of the whole country? He’s a drinker? He must be our guy. He spends his weekends with escorts? He’s a real man! He swindled half a country? Genius.


Sometimes anti-advertising can only strengthen people’s love. That’s why content is more important than any headline on a front page. Before collecting dirt on a person, you need to evaluate the effectiveness of this material. In addition, this dirt is not simply found lying on the side of the road. It needs to be extracted, and the extractor must start from the exterior image of the person and work his way down to the fundamental flaws of his character.


That’s why this kind of journalistic investigation is not composed of lies for money, but rather the precious truth. In reality, that is all we are concerned with; the location, extraction, and refinement of the precious truth lying beneath the surface of all men. Come to us if you want to deal with master craftsmen. Come to us if you want to win your information war.

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