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Protection of company info

Protection of company info Protection of company info

Information Protection for Companies


It is often the case in Russia that small and medium-sized businesses only take measures to secure their online information when it is too late and it has already been compromised. Perhaps the attitude behind this behavior is indicative of some common truth in human nature: we go to doctors only after we fall ill, we read the directions only after we’ve tried and failed to assemble something. It is the same with cyber security. We realize how essential it is only after it has been lost.


Our carelessness often leads to curiosities: homegrown teen hackers, with completely average cyber skills, manage to destabilize the networks of serious companies, and — when they can obtain compromising materials — successfully blackmail the owners. We personally dealt with a case in which a large bakery was paying a formidable sum of hush money every month for two years to a juvenile hacker. It turned out that the teen hacker had obtained access to the personal email account of the head accountant and threatened to report all of the company’s operations (which included shady tax manoeuvres) to the authorities.


It took the young “hacker” a grand total of two minutes to gain access to the account: he claimed that he forgot his password, and then answered the accountant’s security question correctly. (The question was, “what is your favorite dish?” The answer, “pelmeni.”) But this really isn’t an anomaly. In America, not too long ago, a teenager was able to hack into the Director of the CIA’s personal email account using similar methods. And, of course, the world famous “hack” of John Podesta’s email account, which decided the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. (Podesta, a chief of staff for one of the most powerful people in the world, used “p@ssw0rd” as his password.)


Once someone has access to your account he has you where he wants you, and can use your information against you in innumerable ways. This happens quite often, and almost always out of ignorance. The sleepless nights, constant anxiety, humiliation, and loss of money could almost always have been prevented by the slightest bit of precaution.
When these things happen to a company, the company usually begins to panic. The management issues a whole bunch of instructions on information security, where on pain of death people are forbidden from taking flash drives out of the office, and forced to memorize a 27-digit password for your personal computer containing letters, numbers, and signs of different sizes. In short, another misfortune occurs, which only complicates work and causes nothing but tension at the office.


What kind of cyber security should your company have?


1. CALCULATED. Do not design, buy or install a means of cyber security until an appropriate analysis is performed. It should be designed by knowledgeable specialists and work in a comprehensive manner.
2. INVISIBLE. Good security means that your employees hardly notice it, and many things are unknown to many people. This protects the company and the employees.
3. ADEQUATE. A system should be capable of neutralizing all possible threats, but it should also fit your company. There is no point in guarding a carwash with the same system used for military research institutes.
4. RELIABLE. A properly organized security system must be able to be counted upon to defend your information from leaks and provide protection against industrial espionage.


Defend your information from leaks


Our experts can help you defend your information from leaks and all other threats you face. There are many ways that people can get access to your information. New programs are designed everyday with the aim of breaching cyber security measures. If your information is of value you need to take measures to ensure that it remains in your hands. We can defend your company from computer spying and all kinds of spyware.


In some cases the breach is not caused by a program but by the treachery of an employee. If you suspect that a worker is leaking information to a competitor we can help figure out exactly what is happening and put together a plan of action going forward. With your security and well being on the line you are going to want our experts at Legion fighting for you.

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