Conflict Mediation

Conflict Mediation Conflict Mediation

How to resolve arguments without going to court


We can help you resolve any conflict or argument without going to court. The services of our mediator are very popular in St. Petersburg. We can help in all manner of conflicts, from labor disagreements to corporate disputes. If you are looking for effective conflict mediation in Russia or abroad, you can be sure that the cost of our mediation services is much lower than the amount of financial damage that would be headed your way in a long and drawn-out litigation process.


Sadly, the judicial system and justice have less and less in common these days. There is no such thing as impartiality in the world at all. Any lawyer will tell you that. If you want to gain something you have to be able to negotiate with others, to seek a compromise. Even if you go through with the whole trial process it will only result in one person benefitting at the expense of both. But there is an alternative option — conflict mediation. These are negotiations mediated by a third, independent party, which is interested in ensuring that the trial is resolved most favorably for both sides. This can be particularly useful in cases involving redistribution of property, business squabbles or disputes over parental rights, when it is impossible to negotiate independently. Everyone understands that the court is not the best answer to most situations: it takes time, you have to pay lawyers exorbitant fees, and it can entail a substantial blow to your reputation. A pretrial conflict settlement can be in the interests of all parties.


We can act in the capacity of the third party for you. Together we will develop an acceptable solution, which will be adopted by both parties of the dispute and help you both to resolve your conflict without going to court. The mediator must see the whole picture of the dispute from above and thus help to find common ground for the warring parties, making them, if not comrades, partners. A mediator is one who builds bridges, not walls.

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