Business intelligence

Business intelligence Business intelligence

Imagine that you’re always one step ahead of your competitors. At a minimum. You get all the contracts. You get all the clients. You are always the first to take niche markets. Your investments are always successful and don’t involve extra risks. Your employees are the finest professionals. You know all the weak spots of your competition, and when they are exposed, you are prepared and ready to strike the killing blow.


If you have us conduct a business intelligence operation for you you won’t have to imagine what this would be like. With our help you will be able to find out about your competition’s plans and prepare in advance. Your rivals will have to keep up with you now, instead of the other way around.
Business is like the UFC octagon and you can be the champion if you’re properly prepared. We will gather information on your business rivals in Russia or anywhere in the world. Our specialists will locate all the weak points of your competitors, study their tactics, and find out their plans, goals and objectives. We’ll learn about the “climate” inside competing companies, and collect information about their employees and customers. We’ll establish a data entry channel for you, so you could effectively monitor every step your rivals make. If you order a business intelligence report from Legion you will move your company’s potential growth to the next level.

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