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Part-time security service

Part-time security service Part-time security service

While you are reading this text, the guard at your company is probably solving a crossword puzzle. Quite often intelligence level does not allow most security personnel to do more than guard a locked door. That’s why there is a need for part-time and freelance security services. If you are frustrated and feel that your security can’t get the job done, hire our security service and we will deliver the results you want.


The main advantage of this service is that it is invisible to your employees. This allows us to conduct inspections at the enterprise, control purchases, introduce mystery shoppers, and objectively evaluate the quality of the personnel’s work. At the same time, the scope of our service is not limited to solving the internal problems of your company. It’s also oriented towards thwarting external threats. We can test business partners, protect you from espionage or extortion attempts, and assess possible risks or search for scammers.


Our detective agency is ready to become your freelance security service. We will solve any internal or external problems of your organization, and save you from unnecessary headaches. If you hire our security service you can fully concentrate on making money.

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