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Protection against counterfeiters

Protection against counterfeiters Protection against counterfeiters

How to protect products from counterfeiting


Is your company incurring losses due to the manufacture of forged goods? If your products are being forged in Russia or any other country you are being robbed. Your products and your intellectual property belong to you. Anyone who makes a profit off of your work without your consent is taking money out of your pocket. With our help you can end this activity and defend your products from counterfeiting.


Counterfeiters are cheaters who undermine upstanding and productive businesses day after day. The quality and price of their “products” is always much lower than that of the original, and that not only affects your income, but also corrodes your company’s reputation. Angry customers are constantly complaining to you, and you can’t do anything to assuage them. The cheap product they bought has your name on it but it’s a knock-off.

It’s not easy to find out who the producer is. The shop may be hidden in another city or even in other country. The presence of counterfeits shows that your company is insecure, and the criminals took advantage of it. The gap they have exposed will grow over time, until it completely ruins your business.

Our detectives will find the the counterfeit producer and take measures to stop all counterfeit production. Together we’ll develop a reliable strategy to defend your products from counterfeiting.

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