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Background checks on personnel

Background checks on personnel Background checks on personnel

Sometimes people come to us and say, “I have an employee that is deceiving me,” or “my employees are stealing, what can I do?” The truth is that preventive measures must be taken from the start. When you are looking to hire someone you must be extremely careful with who you select. You should always do a background check before hiring an employee.


With our help, doing a background check before hiring an employee is both a thorough and easy process. We not only check previous convictions, our detectives will find out about the prospect’s previous employment, the reason for his or her dismissal, check whether or not his documents are genuine, etc. We can also check your current employees, if someone draws suspicions. If, for example, you think that your employee is stealing or deceiving, cooperating with your competitors or seems to be involved in something untoward, we can help you deal with it. We can gather a dossier on an employee for you and thoroughly check your personnel for deception.


Unfortunately in most cases, personnel audits begin only after the occurrence of unpleasant events, which cause financial and immaterial losses. This is how management realises the dangers inherent in hiring an unfamiliar person, or even a person on recommendation, but without going through a proper vetting process. After all, employees get access to an immeasurable amount of sensitive and secure information.


But perhaps a prospective employee has had two convictions in the past. Or maybe he is a spy sent by your competitors. Or maybe he bought his diploma on the Internet? You should know it before such person becomes part of your team.


We’ll discover everything hidden related to your potential employee. We will do a background check before you hire him and learn all about his past and present. If necessary, we can administer a polygraph test with the participation of an experienced certified expert. You’ll have the most detailed dossier possible on the person you’re going to employ.

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