Gather a dossier on someone

Those who own the information, own the world — or at least have success in business. Perhaps that’s what Rothschild’s famous quote might say today. Now gathering a dossier on someone is a proven and reliable tool in the business world. It can be a dossier on your competitors, a collection of your employees’ personal data, or important information about public people or major business players with whom you wish to get in touch, but you can’t find the right approach. When you gather a dossier you find everything out about someone. The dossier will provide you with all the information available about someone; you can check if someone has criminal ties, find out about someone’s medical diagnoses, etc. It would be an asset for any businessman to have a detailed profile of each employee in his company, and to maintain such an index as his company expands. And beyond the business world, if you are looking to find the dark spots in someone’s past, at Legion we can guide you.


Such work requires an individual approach and takes time. For your business purposes we’re ready to gather a dossier on anyone you wish. Everything we do is legal and doesn’t come with any risk for the customer.

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