Checking partners

All forms of partnership come with a certain set of risks. One can never be 100% confident in someone else. History is littered with faithful associates who turned into betrayers at the opportune time. What if you are entering into an agreement with strangers or people you are completely unfamiliar with? One can and must expect anything from such people.

We quite often see cases wherein a fraudster buddies up with a businessman. Joint family holidays, alleged common interests. Then the business owner starts losing control over his company, thinking he is entrusting parts of his business to a reliable partner. Sometimes it goes as far as changes to the Board of Directors and loss of company shares. If you want to take action before any of this happens and check on your business partners, come to us.

Fraudsters rarely use complex schemes, mainly they play an assurance game. We’ll do a check of your business partner, see how honest he is, find out everything about his past, find out whether he has previous convictions, and even simulate a situation wherein your partner shows his true face. In conjunction with these services we can gather a dossier on your business partners and get their accurate credit histories for you. If necessary, we can administer a polygraph test with an experienced and certified expert, guaranteeing the most accurate answers. If you are looking to conduct an accurate test of your business partners, come to us.

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