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Tracking company assets (in Russia)

How to track down a company’s assets in Russia


Sometimes entire companies, firms, projects and their finances vanish from the face of the earth without leaving a trace. There is a wide range of options for someone looking to hide assets and thereby release himself from the obligation of paying debts. For example: a company merger, a change of ownership or legal address, a redirection of cash flow, etc. At the same time, even successful court proceedings don’t guarantee debt repayment. Meanwhile the debtor will manage to to hide his assets more securely, so that you can never get your money back.

Thus, your searches can be dragged out for many years, and the law enforcement authorities will only give you run-around replies. But time and speed are of great importance in such situations.
To get what you want you need the help of experienced specialists in this field. That’s where we come in. If you are trying to track down a company’s bank account in Russia, we will do it for you. We can help you get any information you want about a company in Russia. Our specialists will track down a company’s bank account in Russia, track a company’s property in Russian territory, and track down a company’s founders in Russia, all without the company’s knowledge.


Our experienced operatives will provide prompt assistance in your searches for company assets. We will identify and prove that the debtor has connection with the concealed assets, even if they “belong” to third parties at the moment. We’ll find the other bank accounts and property of the indebted company, conduct all necessary audits, and represent your interests in court.

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