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Tracking a company's debtors

Tracking a company's debtors Tracking a company's debtors

How to make a debtor pay back debt to my company


It’s always unpleasant when debts go unpaid, and, when it concerns your business, it can be crippling to the growth and production of your company. Anyone can become your debtor: a partner, a contractor, a client, a family member, anyone. It doesn’t have to involve fraudulent intent, sometimes it just happens. Instead of trying to solve the problem, the debtor often chooses to escape, trying to avoid responsibility.

The situation usually results in court proceedings. However, even if the case is successful, it’s not always possible to recover money, because the debtor is not physically present; he’s on the run. When a company’s debtor is hiding from his obligations, tracking down the company’s debtor can be a big problem for a claimant. In this case one can’t rely on bailiffs or other authorities – they don’t have any resources, and, generally, it’s not their responsibility to look for your debtor.
The way out of this mess is to hire a detective to track down a company’s debtors. Our detectives will track down any and all of your company’s debtors. We’ll locate the person you are looking for, facilitate the debt collection process, provide legal support, and act as your official representative in another country if needed.

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