Tracking founders

Tracking founders Tracking founders

How to track down a company’s founders
If a business is becoming markedly less transparent, it means that the owners are possibly engaging in what is called “shadowboxing”. Loss of transparency is a symptom that usually indicates an acute, chronic pursuance of unlawful gain. Businessmen engaged in such practices use words like “cash-out”, “phoenix operation”, etc. The disease is often transmitted down to the employees, who get used to such methods of earning money. No wonder that the director or the chief accountant appropriates finances and assets, creates fraudulent schemes behind his employees’ or employer’s backs, and eventually runs away with your millions.


If you bring this to the attention of the authorities they’ll start interrogating you, so this isn’t a realistic option. Instead, come to us and we will track down the company’s founders together. If a company’s director is hiding, or a company’s management is hiding from creditors, or a company’s owner ran off with money owed to you, we can provide with the services you need. Our detectives will help track down the company’s founders and get you back your money. Our special advantage is that we work across the globe; there are no boundaries for us. On our side we guarantee full confidentiality, and will work to preserve your reputation and protect you from any problems with the law.

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