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Investigation of international crimes

How to hire a private detective to help with the investigation of a crime outside the country


Did someone rob you and run off to Thailand? Or maybe the criminal returned home, to some sunny republic where he lives under a new, unpronounceable surname? Whatever he took from you invariably remains hidden far away in distant lands. Maybe your child or a person dear to you was taken away to an unknown location, and you’re ready to go all over the world to find them. One can’t manage to do it all alone, and the police only shrug their shoulders, because not all countries cooperate in this realm.


In Russia our law enforcement officers are simply not allowed to go overseas. As a result, you not only fall victim to a crime, but also become a prisoner of world politics, which has nothing to do with your troubles. After all, there’s no guarantee that other countries will provide assistance to you. Power abuse and corruption are not unique to our country.


Not knowing the language, background, traditions and legal system of a foreign country, as well as lack of time or special knowledge, relations, or resources can greatly complicate the situation. If you hire our detectives to help with the investigation of a crime outside of the country, we’ll perform all functions of the official investigation – from tracking a person or his finances to gathering evidence.


— We’ll act as mediators when liaising with local forces
— Our detectives will help you bring your child back home, or will make the thieves return your money
— No criminal can hide from us, regardless of what country he went to
If a criminal has fled the country and you are wondering what to do, we can help. If you suspect that the criminal went to Russia at Legion you can hire a private detective in Russia that knows the rules and how to play the game. And if you are unsure of where he made off to, at Legion we will provide you with invaluable help with an investigation of a crime in any country.

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