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Investigation of official crimes (bribery, forgery, power abuse)

How to hire a detective to investigate corruption


Bribery in Russia is a kind of philosophy, wherein almost every dead-end situation has a simple solution, and this solution fits in a regular envelope. The parcels can be quite heavy, as some recipients are used to big amounts. Some receive correspondence on a regular basis, and others only get occasional packages. But even one of these “good luck letters” can ruin the life of both the sender and the recipient.


People come to us sometimes and say, “I am being extorted for a bribe, what can I do?” People here don’t know where to go to complain about extortion and bribery because there is really no official place to go. If someone is extorting a bribe from you, and you don’t know where to go, we’re ready to help. In these situations the best course of action is to hire a detective to investigate corruption, then our specialists can gather all the information and evidence and act on your behalf. When a public servant or any other official demands money from you for no legal reason, our detectives will protect you from corruption. We’ll gather all necessary evidence of extortion, and they won’t be able to levy tribute on you anymore.


We are also ready to help, if you’re illegally accused of receiving or giving a bribe. Riding the waves of the anti-corruption policy, law enforcement officers sometimes go too far in their attempts to liquidate bribery. If you’ve been accused and you feel like you have no chance at a fair and unbiased trial/investigation, we can help you even the playing field.

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