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Investigation of transportation accidents (aviation, railway, road traffic)

Investigation of transportation accidents Investigation of transportation accidents

How to hire a detective for a private investigation into a transportation accident


Thousands of people die in transportation accidents every year, but only a few people realize that the blame lies not only with the traffic violators, terrorists, pilots, or train drivers who made the fatal mistake. Every case involves third parties, whose responsibility is often not accounted for.


Those can include rich parents, who let their dear child drive their expensive car. Or an investigator, who intentionally “didn’t notice” important evidence during an investigation of a traffic accident. Or a dysfunctional airport security service. It could also include a greedy air carrier who saved money on plane maintenance. In most cases these people stay in the shadows because they have been made inaccessible by the way law enforcement agencies operate.


For families of the victims, on top of the grief they suffer, they are faced with prospect of humiliation if they seek out any sort of compensation for the loss they have endured. If you hire one of our detectives to investigate a transportation accident, we’re ready to defend your lawful rights to non-pecuniary and pecuniary damages resulting from the incident. Our detectives are ready to go to any part of the world to find out what truly happened, and bring back the facts that will help to paint the true picture in court. We’re ready to undertake and/or assist in any difficult task facing the families of victims.
At Legion you can hire a detective to investigate transportation and aircraft accidents. We will help you find witnesses to transportation accidents, find out what happened to dead or missing relatives in transportation and airplane accidents, and get compensation for the victims of transportation and airplane accidents.

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