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Internal corporate investigations

How to conduct internal company investigations


The treachery of employees is not only unpleasant, it can also greatly damage your business and your performance. You’re probably not a perfect boss, but maybe while you’ve been putting food on your employees’ table, they’ve been cleaning you out behind your back. You know that they deceive you, but you can’t do anything about it: you don’t have the time or the ability to catch them red-handed.
Maybe there’s an instigator on your team, and now, due to his machinations, your employees threaten you with labour troubles, and instead of being a boss, you’ve become a puppet. Or perhaps the senior employees don’t accept you as a boss, and they try to make you look bad any chance they can get. Perhaps your company just wants you gone.
Our detectives can conduct secret internal investigations on your behalf to determine what is actually going on at your company and what position it puts you in. After we complete the internal company investigation, we’ll take measures to prevent ground being won against you and to solidify your position. With us you’ll enhance your authority as a manager and be able to do your job again. If you hire a detective for a corporate internal investigation you will be able to track your employees and determine the actual internal condition of your company.

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