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Investigation of data leakage, espionage, or sabotage

How to defend a company against industrial espionage
There is a secret at the heart of every business that keeps it working, like the magician’s hat that has a rabbit in it somewhere if the right hand seeks it. But sometimes the circus next door finds out the secret to your trick, thanks to which the house was always packed. Or a hole appears in the hat, and the rabbit decides it would rather feed from another illusionist’s hand. The audience shrinks as a result, and you feel like a clown. You’re losing your reputation on the business stage, even though yesterday the applause was roaring, and the tickets were sold out weeks before the event.


You can often find the cause of your distress somewhere on your own team. A member of your troupe has likely chosen a new role – that of an informer. Or you’ve been secretly sent such an “actor”, and the script of your new show is now on your competitor’s table. We’ll help you to properly evaluate the situation. Our detectives will identify the reason for your struggles and failures, and help you determine the course of action necessary to regain what was lost. If you feel that competitors are spying on you or your employees, your employees are selling information to competitors, or you want to identify the spy or mole in your business, come to us.
At Legion we offer comprehensive protection against industrial espionage. We will find out if your employees are working for other companies, and provide stability and security for your business.

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