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Investigation in the field of patent law (counterfeit, trademark infringement)

How to defend your products and trademarks in Russia and abroad


In Russia piracy is not considered a crime, although our Criminal Code contains an article dealing with it. In our country producing counterfeit is often looked upon as a successful means of doing business. Using forgery is considered an effective method of saving money. But in fact such actions affect major businesses, which are trying to fairly reach out and engage with our unstable market. The preponderance of piracy is not only due to the Russian mentality but also to the manufacturer’s vulnerability to these aggressions.


Our detectives will help you to protect your patent, and will defend your trademark in the fight against piracy. We’ll identify reasons for data leakage, find out who exactly encroached on your business, evaluate your damages, provide legal support, and develop a means of protection against possible future attacks. If you come to us we can help you find the producer of counterfeits and show you how you can punish the producer of counterfeits. If you want to defend your products from knockoffs and gain an advantage over your competitors you should contact us.

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